Our Clients Testimonies

Scott Harris

Tony Robbins’ #1 trainer

Lin Energy has the markings of a rock star speaker.

Joseph Macri

Founder of Rise Up Property


I did Lin’s speaking program, which is outstanding. He inspires me to own my strength and capabilities. Not only that but He gave me so much support so much insight and so much success with my selling and public speaking skills.

Sapphire Sol

Body Energy Therapist & Keynote Speaker

Lin is an excellent communicator. He is very effective at teaching and his teaching is smooth, efficient and very beneficial for anyone who needs the groundwork and steps to achieve success in selling and public speaking.

Oksana Roma

Relationships & Power of Polarity Specialist

I just want to thank Lin Energy for his amazing teaching. It was so useful so practical so easy so mind-blowing and so to the point. After his teaching, I am now able to Engage, connect and feel the client in a much deeper level which I was not be able to do in the past.

Julia Legian


One of Australian Leading investment Expert

I really enjoy Lin’s teaching and learnt so much from him. His content is so unique. If you value your money for exchanging excellent content to grow your business, get in touch with him, I promise you that he won’t let you down.

Tanya Leigh Davis

Founder of Reach solutions Australia

I was able to deliver a killer presentation on the stage after Lin’s teaching and implement what he had told me. It is so amazing to stand on the stage and know exactly where I am heading to. Thank you, Lin, you are awesome

Aaila Green

Helen Buchanan

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