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Become Super Confident

You are going to have the clarity, certain and confidence about the vision of yourself and your business. Also, you are going to become super passionate about your service, your targeted market, and your business model.


Select Your Profitable Niche Market

You are going to Identify & select the right and profitable niche to your business, which means your selected ideal clients are willing to pay for what you truly worth. 


Create Your Unique Market Value

You are going to find out your unique competitive advantages over your competitors in the market place so that your ideal clients will see you as a credible trusted authority in your field and as a result, they only want to choose to work with you.


Attract Your potential leads

You are going to learn how to generate leads who are interested in your business so that you will have abundant leads coming into your business every single day.


Turn Your Leads into paid clients

You are going to learn how to warm up leads you generated, how to build trust with your leads and how to invite your leads to raise their hands wanting to either have a conversation with you or to jump on board your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because like Zoom, Spotify and Google, we use the “Freemium” marketing method. We deliver great value for FREE and a small % of people decide to learn more about our premium, paid courses which makes it a win-win for everyone 😊

While we have other premium courses available, it’s up to you if you’d like to consider any of them. We never call people randomly, direct message people or pressure people in any way. We want to work with people who want to work with us.

To be upfront, during the course we spend about 15 minutes explaining other courses that might help you, the rest of the time is jam-packed with practical steps you can use right away 🤗

Naturally, there’s a lot of incredible content to get through so we’ll have planned breaks after each session. This way, you can stretch or grab a bite as needed. But since it’s an online course, you can take breaks pretty much any time you like 😊

No 😊 While it would be great for fellow participants and myself to see who they are talking to, we know some people may be at work, travelling or not in a position to have their camera on, which is not a problem at all. However, it would be great if you keep your camera open as you can connect with other participants much better and deeper. 😊

Because many years ago we were given the opportunity to do something different with our lives (besides working 50 hours a week in the rat race).

We’re fortunate enough to do what we love. We want to pay this forward and give you this opportunity to possibly change the course of your life too.

Also, we don’t like seeing people not realising their potential because of A lack of knowledge. We want to give everything we could to help you fulfil your dream so that you can become a life changer to change other people’s life too.

It includes 5 breaks throughout the day and topics we cover such as:

  • Become Super Confident in The Market Place
  • Select Profitable Niche Market
  • Create Your Unique Market Value
  • Attract Your Potential Leads
  • Turn Your leads into Paid Clients
  • And Much More!

No, we are not affiliated with any of these things. We are an education-based organization. We provide courses to empower yourselves and others regardless of your background or beliefs 🤗

Yes, you are definitely allowed to register and attend multiple events. Just because you already went to one of the dates doesn’t mean you can’t go to the next one. It’s a great way to go through and practice what you’ve learned or catch up on what you missed since there will be no recording provided. So feel free to register again if you want to 🙂

A recording is not available but we are running many LIVE sessions you can join 😊

(In the past, we offered recordings but despite people’s best intentions, they didn’t really watch them. So we recommend people schedule in time to attend the course. If for some reason you need to leave early, you could register for the following session.)

Who is this event for?


People That Have Some Existing Knowledge

You may have researched a topic online, read many books or completed courses BUT you still have questions like…

What’s my niche?

What if I doubt myself?

How do I package what I know into something people can purchase?

How do I join the dots and create a business out of it?

We know you have more to give and share in life but just need someone to show you the steps.

Register for the course and we will explain how it all works.


Coaches, Course Creators, Or Service-based Business Owners

You have already launched your business but wanting to reach even more people through Zoom, online courses, webinars or LIVE events.

You will learn how to attract more ideal clients to your

1-On-1 through coaching or consulting

1-To-Many through LIVE events, group coaching, masterminds, workshops or retreats

None-To-Many through eCourses, online memberships or recorded webinars


People Looking For A Career Change

In the COVID-19 era, education based businesses are one of the fastest growing industries. The ability to work from home while reaching a global audience makes it an attractive long-term career.

Thousands of people grow a business with topics like health, relationships, property, happiness, marketing, parenting, time management or anything you’re passionate about.

But if you’re new to the industry you may have many questions like…

Do I have enough knowledge? Who will listen to me?

What does this business look like? How much can I make?

How do I get started? Can I start part-time?

To learn about all your options, register for the event

What People Are Saying About Lin Energy

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Our Testimonial

Joseph Macri– Property Coach

Fully Booked Room. No Advertisement Spend. Now Doing National Tours
I did Lin’s speaking program, which is outstanding. He inspires me to own my strength and capabilities. Not only that but He gave me so much support so much insight and so much success with my selling and public speaking skills.

Sapphire Sol– Body Energy Therapist & Keynote Speaker

Lin is an excellent communicator. He is very effective at teaching and his teaching is smooth, efficient and very beneficial for anyone who needs the groundwork and steps to achieve success in selling and public speaking.

Oksana Roma– Relationships & Power of Polarity Specialist

I just want to thank Lin Energy for his amazing teaching. It was so useful so practical so easy so mind-blowing and so to the point. After his teaching, I am now able to Engage, connect and feel the client in a much deeper level which I was not be able to do in the past.

Katrina– Spiritual Coach

I Got her first client within 2 weeks. His explanations are easy to follow and I'm feeling exited about my goals I've set for the next 12 months.

Scott Harris– Tony Robbins’ #1 trainer

Lin Energy has the markings of a rock star speaker.

Esther Pedisic– Gym Owner

I signed up 5 new members for my gym within 12 hours since I took Lin's advice.
No Advertisement Spend

Hillary – Holistic Health Coach

I am always struggled with getting leads to my business. Lin helped me to create my first lead magnet and within the first 48 hours, I got 15 potential clients. He helps me gain more confidence in what I am doing.

Julia Legian– Author of THE UGLY DAUGHTER

One of Australian Leading investment Expert.
I really enjoy Lin’s teaching and learnt so much from him. His content is so unique. If you value your money for exchanging excellent content to grow your business, get in touch with him, I promise you that he won’t let you down.

Kate Kendall– Fitness Coach

I attracted 53 hot leads within a week and also Lin helped me kick off my first group coaching for my new weight loss program with 8 clients.

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