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How to Ask Your Clients for Referrals Without Sounding Too Pushy.

How to Ask Your Clients for Referrals Without Sounding Too Pushy


Did you know that 75% of new customers actually come from mouth to mouth referrals?

Because if you are trying to market someone who knows nothing about you, you got to work much harder and longer to earn the trust.

However, if you can get referrals from your existing happy clients, that new person will have at least 50% of the possibility to work with you.

But here is the challenge you face:

If you ask your existing clients for referrals in a wrong way it might end up damaging your relationship with them, which means you not only cannot get the referrals but also might lose your existing clients.


So, to solve this challenge, here are the 4 questions for you to prepared in order to ask for referrals in a nice way.

You might wonder why 4 questions???

Because you cannot just call your clients and say:  “hey give me some referrals, please”. This sounds too strong and pushy, what you want to do is to ask some leading questions first to make it much easier for people to say yes.

Here is how it works:

When you call or meet your clients, at some point in the conversation after having a chit-chat, you make a transition and say: “It has been so great working with you and at this point, I really love some feedback from you. Would u mind I just ask you a couple of quick questions”?

Question#1: what did you think about our product & service?

The reason why this question is important is you want to flush out any issues the client might have. If they have any issues, they’re going to raise them up at this point. You really want to solve the issues for them before they are happy to give you any referrals.

Question#2: How do you feel about recommending us to other people that you know?

At this point, your client might have two reactions.

They might say: “I am not feeling comfortable doing it at this moment”. This is where you need to transit the conversation back to question #1 and ask deeply about the thing that is holding them back. You need to find out the reason why and solve it.

However, if they say: “Sure, I am happy to”. Then you go on to the next question.

Question #3. Who are the three people you know that I should talk to?

The reason why you want to ask for three people is you want to get your clients thinking straightaway. If you just say: “Can I have some referrals”, they might give you one, and they may give you two but if you ask for three people, they’re going to start to stretch themselves further and they’re going to start thinking harder.

Once they get into a bit of flow, you might find that they might give you five or six people which will be awesome.

Question#4: How do you suggest I contact them?

You don’t want to ask your client for giving you the contact details by saying: “what are their phone numbers?” Instead, you want to give the option to them. Let them take control of it.

Because you might find they might say: “I can make the introduction for you, which will make your job a lot easier”.

You will find that getting referrals can be much easier by simply implementing this technique. By the way, if you want to enhance your performance, have more clarity and make more money, Six Figure Income Blueprint will give you the step by step system to achieve that. So, click here to grab your FREE Copy.


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